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Installation, configuration and services from Unteli


Unteli service. Before, during and after sales.

At Unteli good service is a part of our DNA
We don’t want to just deliver the goods, move a box and then let go, continiueing to the next task. We want you to be satisfied with everything you need from us.
Although our services are relative simple in use, quastions and conserns will always arise. This happens before during and after you buy from us. We are adressing this!

To be sure that you as a customer gets the right service, we often uses the manufactures ovn personel to help you out, when things gets a little hairy.
At Unteli we are all geeky to a certain point, but we can’t know everything and thats why we cover our back at the manufacturer. That way you can be safe and knowing that you allways gets the best service possible.

Most of our customers can handle their projects internaly, but some dosnt have the time and manpower. Then Unteli can help you. Our staff of consultants will help you trough your projects. We can handle projectmanagement, analyses, installation, configuration, migration, test and documantation.

We also offers courses to your own staff, to get them up to speed, so you can handle your projects internally.

Fore Unteli service is a wide concept, that basiclly is about knowledge, openness, flexibility and security. We want you to recognize these four concepts in our service.


Would you like to be contacted or do you have questions? Write to us here: