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UDACentral - Database migration done easy

UDACentral, Migrating database without scripting

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UDACentral. Data migration. Fast, secure and easyUDACentral -> Migrate Databases with ease.

Before UDACentral, migrating databases has been a large and complex challenge. It involved a lot of custom scripting, which, in turn, creates the need for extensive testing and debugging. This process is very time-consuming and often expensive, it is usually performed by third-party consultants.
Bigger databases and multi-source, multi-target environments cause the project’s complexity to increase. As complexity increases, so does the price and time required to complete the project.

Now you can do it yourself

With UDACentral you can reduce complexity and time consumption drastically!
UDACentral is the solution that enables an IT department to perform a database migration without the need for expensive consultants.
The time-consuming scripting, testing and debugging of the past is now so much easier with UDACentral, and the migration itself is done much quicker than the traditional way, reducing downtime and errors.
UDACentral migrates nearly 1 million records per minute (with optimized hardware!) and by the pre-migrate testing and debugging, eliminating errors.
To finish up the project, UDACentral delivers a complete ERD diagram for documentation of your new database.

What’s the limit?UDACentral database migration no scripting tool

UDACentral supports smooth migration between 25 different database types and is independent of operating systems. Meaning that UDACentral migrates from 2 X MS-SQL (windows), 1 X MY-SQL (Linux) and 3 Oracle (Unix), into 1 X Oracle (Unix) and 1 X MS-SQL (Windows) or in the setup you need.
Supported databases:
Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Ingres, cache, Microsoft SQL Server, DB-2, Progress, PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB (PostgrePlus), HP 3000 Image, Allbase og Eloquence.

Get started

First you need an overview of your migration project. Use UDACentral to give you an Entity Relationship Diagram of your source database tables and find out what data needs to be migrated to the target.  Remember to involve end-users, since they know best which data is needed.
Configure and connect to your target database using UDACentral. A proper plan and project overview is important! Follow our courses to learn more.

After you have planed which data is needed to move and where to move them, you will use UDACentral to do the rest of the migration.
By using UDACentrals Graphical User interface (GUI) you can drag and drop records from the source database(s) to the target database(s). Simply click and drag a source table or schema over top of the desired spot in the target schemas. UDACentral will immediately check if there is any problems with  the migration wanted. Eg:
“Cityname” from source, moved to “City” in target is no problem, but UDACentral discovers that the source is allowed to contain up to 40 characters and the target is limited to 36 characters. You will then be asked to extend target to 40 characters or come up with another solution to prevent errors during the migration.
We strongly recommend that you follow our courses online, before migrating. Play around in a sandbox as well, to be familiar with UDACentral

UDACentral functions:

  • Uses JDBC or ODBC/JDBC bridge to access data
  • Supports: ORACLE, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SYBASE, INGRES, CACHE, DB-2, Progress, PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB (PostgrePlus), Eloquence, HP 3000 Image, Allbase, KSAM, and flat files of any kind
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Define, manage and store data for data descriptions
  • Chained unloads from Image
  • Multi-platform support. Windows, HP-UX, Linux and other OS that supports Java
  • Shows and grants access to databases, tables, columns, keys, indexes and data
  • Shows database structure, tables, columns, keys, indexes and data
  • Distributed Query
  • Batch tasks

You can buy or try UDACentral for free here

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