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UDASeries - Data migration and Data exchange cross over databases and OS

UDASeries History

UDACentral historyUDA History

UDA Series is developed by MB Foster Associates Limited (MBF) in Chesterville, Ontario, Canada. Unteli has the distribution of UDA Series i Europe, Middeleast and Africa.

UDA series started in 1989, when MB Foster decided that data access should be independent of database type and operating systems. MBF was very determent to make this happen. It all started with Data Express, a product that MBF acquired and brought to market.
in 1995 the UDA (Universal Data Access) was born and started with the UDALink. Today the UDA Series is a powerful collection of database tools that provides easy data access and still as database type and operating systems independent.

Until 2014 the UDA series was used by consultants of MBF as an internal tool set and was only used in with MBF customers.
Knowing the value of the tool set when it comes to time savings, less need of deep database skills and the reduced risk of migration fails, MBF decided to make the tools available for customers to rent (SaaS) and use the solution
We are continuing working on being better to supply customers with education, guides, FAQ, etc. Wich is all the stuff that was not needed when UDA was an internal tool for 13 years.

Today the UDA series is used among many private and public organisations in North America and EMEA. The interest for the UDA Tools is increasing rapidly for several reasons.

  • Using UDA series, Database projects that before involved external deep skilled database consultants, can now be carried out by internal crew. Removing the scripting job and the easy way to get an overview of the project, makes the project much smaller and the need for deep database skills reduces dramatically.
  • Downtime for critical systems during a database migration is reduced to a fraction of what it traditionally has been, due to the automatic handling of the migration.
  • The ease of use with the drag and drop environment, that makes an effective and flawless handling.
  • Log and debug possibilities are extensive and a default part of UDA.
  • 25 different database types and add-on top of that the number of versions of each database type. UDA covers the absolute majority of the databases on the market.
  • UDACentral can after (and before) create ERD documentation of your data relations in your database.
  • On daily basis, your overview of your databases will be much more transparent.

Here you can read more about UDACentral, UDASynch and UDALink

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